Our Sixes

We usually play and work in four teams called "sixes". Within each six there is a leader called a "sixer" and an assistant leader called a "second". Our sixes at the moment are:

Pixies Sixer: Megan
Second: Hannah
Other Pixies: Libby, Ellie, Mia R, Freya, Mia K
Pixies Emblem
Rabbits Sixer: Poppy
Second: Abby
Other Rabbits: Francesca, Florrie, Hope, Carrie
Rabbits Emblem
Sprites Sixer: Eleanor
Second: Bella
Other Sprites: Tilly, Lauren, Meredith, Holly
Sprites Emblem
Squirrels Sixer: Becky
Second: Sofia
Other Squirrels: Jemima, Louisa, Iona, Brooke, Layla
Squirrels Emblem


The sixes win (or lose!) points during the course of each term for winning games, sewing on badges, being helpful and so on. At the end of each term the six with the most points wins a small prize.